Ancelotti denies Andrea Pirlo and Xabi Alonso swap

Real Madrid Coach Carlo Ancelotti is not looking for any trade with Italians. He has already rejected any probability of a swap contract with Italian giants Juventus that would have seen Xabi Alonso going to Turin while Andrea Pirlo coming to Real Madrid.

Earlier there were some speculation regarding the future of both footballers and it intensified recently as both players are near the end of their contract with their respective teams. Ancelotti has earlier worked with both Andrea Pirlo and Xabi Alonso when they were all in AC Milan.

The Italian manager, however, has rejected any probability for a for a swap contract involving these two players, asserting that he is still aspirant of swaying Xabi Alonso to remain in the Spanish capital. The ex Liverpool player had been linked with a return to the English Premier League with his ex team and Carlo’s old employers Chelsea were said to be interested, but the manager is adamant that he would prefer Xabi to stay in the team and be a leading factor to any success the team might have in future.

Ancelotti told that Xabi Alonso is an important footballer for Real Madrid now that he has recovered from his wound injury. There are just 2 footballers like him in Europe. One is Andrea Pirlo and the other one is Xabi himself. But there is no importance of this kind of rumor.