The former Portuguese midfielder Deco has hailed the managerial record of the Real Madrid manager José Mourinho by saying that it is impossible for anyone to come close to the achievements of the Portuguese.

Mourinho is one of the few managers to have lifted the league title in four different countries, while he has also managed to create two Champions League winning teams. However, many regard the former Barcelona manager Guardiola as someone who is capable of challenging Mourinho due to his incredible record with Barcelona over the last four seasons.

Deco has said that he will rate Guardiola at the same level as Mourinho only when he has managed to recreate the success at Barcelona in other countries and other clubs. Mourinho has so far managed for high profile teams career. He has managed to lift 20 different trophies in the last 10 seasons with clubs like FC Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, and Real Madrid. Deco has said that it is extremely difficult to be able to win leagues with different clubs in different countries, which is why the achievement by Mourinho is extremely special.

Deco has the experience of working in the Guardiola for a brief period before being sold to Chelsea in the summer of 2008. He has since returned to his homeland with the Brazilian club Fluminense. "To win titles in every country you work in, like Mourinho has done, is very difficult. Guardiola is a great coach but he didn't invent anything. We'll see, when he works in other countries, if he manages to win titles," said the veteran midfielder, who is expected to play until his contract ends in 2013. Deco has already lifted two Brazilian titles since arriving at the club in 2010, while the player recently signed an one year contract extension.