How to be a Football Superstar

Unlike your usual FIFA EA game series, Real Madrid The Game for the PC does not only offer game play, but also players can live the life of a Real Madrid superstar.

Now that’s excellent news. Who wouldn’t want to be Cristiano Ronaldo even if it’s only living vicariously virtually? The Game is a combination of RPG/Arcade and Sims. It integrates all the facets of a football superstar’s life.

So it doesn’t only include training and games, but also his exciting personal life. You can live your fantasy as a rising football player, live his career and then join the big leagues - in the game of course.

The football fan will not only enjoy this, but more so the most avid Real Madrid die-hard. The game offers serious real life football and life experiences. From relationships to parties, you can also do some shopping and flirting.

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After all, fame has its perks, from being a relative unknown to the fame of an up and coming football star, you will be able to craft and hone your career professionally, along with hobbies and a great fiancée. It’s even possible that a Cartier ring is in order.

Real Madrid also has some mini games that players can enjoy, you have gym work to increase your skills, practice training, and practice match skills. Perhaps the best mini game would be the match of the week, where you can boost your skills and garner fame. There’s also a mini game where you can impress a girl with your wits, fame, charm, and money which is also highly amusing.

Real Madrid shows you how to live like a true football star. The trick is to balance work professionally and party like a rock star, the life of a real football player on and off the pitch. You can personalize all the facets of your life—career and relationships, as your character evolves into a successful, famous football player. Real Madrid is undoubtedly one of the best teams in the world, so don’t pass up on this chance of a lifetime (even just through a game).