Christiano Ronaldo hints about his Exit from Real Madrid

In somewhat shocking news and unexpected completely, Christiano Ronaldo has put up a Real Madrid exit hint which comes after he has put his home up for sale.

The Real Madrid player is being linked to a move away from the Santiago Bernabeu. Recently, Christiano Ronaldo was even booed by Real Madrid fans after he helped secure a victory over Roma.

This is definitely a huge hint but let's not jump to any conclusions or speculation as of yet without getting any kind of confirmation or official wording from Ronaldo himself. As of current, all we know is that Ronaldo is hinting to leave the Real Madrid team and these reports are coming directly from Spain. The player is reportedly not happy with the Bernabeu for reasons currently unknown.

Head cach Zinedine Zidane and President Florentino Perez is now plotting out a lot of changes for this summer season. However, Ronaldo isn't the only one who may be leaving The Real Madrid. Some other players on the team have also been rumored to be exiting out of the team as well such as Toni Kroos, Isco and James Rodriguez. They're available for the right price which means they could be exiting out soon if snatched up.

Interestingly enough, Ronaldo has put not only his own house up for sale but his mother's house up for sale as well. He bought a home in 2010 for approximately 4.9 million pounds and is now asking for 5 million pounds. This massive cozy mansion features eight toilets, nine bathrooms, swimming pools (both indoor and outdoor), a theatre room, its very own lift and even a gym.

This comes as a surprise and confusion to many fans, as Ronaldo has 41 goals this season alone. He's a very valued player and the move is a bit of a blow to everyone involved, especially if some of the team mates speculated to follow in his tracks do so.